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Zakynthos is one of the islands of the Ionian Islands. It is the southernmost and third largest and second most populous island of the Ionian islands.
Zakynthos, Flower of the Levant, has a wealth of attractions to everyone to visit. In principle,in the island is located the beach Xigia, the only one with healing waters since the water excrete sulfur. Still need to be directed to Keri to admire from the lighthouse a remarkable and unforgettable sunset, and observe the sea caves as the Myzithres (huge rocks into the sea). Moreover monasteries, the stone park <Askos>, islands cornering and the Shipwreck (registered trademark of the global tourism) is one of the attractions are the picturesque island of Zakynthos and is imperative for everyone to explore.
The beach has been declared by the 1999 National Park and is the birthplace of eggs and build nests of endangered turtle Caretta-Caretta.
The National Marine Park, established in 1999 and includes the Bay of Laganas, the former municipality Almighty on the south coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. The area is part of the network of protected areas Natura 2000. The Marine Park is the first such park established in Greece and the Mediterranean to protect the sea turtle Caretta caretta.


Zakyntho's shipwreck is a sinking ship that washed ashore on a secluded beach island, and today is one of the most interesting sites. The wreck occurred in 1982 when the ship Panagiotis carrying illegal cigarettes from Turkey in international waters, where he will sell at an agreed point. The ship, however, due to extremely bad weather damaged machine was off course and soon fell into the rocks on the northwest side of the island.

Locals remember features thousands of cartons of cigarettes floating in the water and among the members of the crew to swim to escape the Coast Guard. Today, the wreck has been stranded in the middle of an inaccessible beach gravel that can visit only by boat and helicopter because it is one of the most famous sites.


Argassi of Zakynthos is a seaside village and east of the town of Zakynthos. Argassi has a population of about 700 residents and is just 2 km from the capital.

Because of beautiful beaches in that area is one of the most tourist areas of Zakynthos. It is a beautiful seaside village that stretches from the foot of the hill Skopos and results in an attractive

 sandy beach.
Renowned for its lively nightlife and natural beauty. From Argassi you can explore the hill Skopos, making a stroll at an altitude of 758 meters where you will be rewarded for the wonderful view of the island, the mountainous landscape and the sharp, steep cliffs.

You can still admire the half-ruined bridge that leads to the sea, the arch at Vrisakia or the country house of the first Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Kapodistrias which now works as a nightclub. Argassi is a very popular spot and offers all the amenities you would like to combine for a complete holiday.

This resort offers a wide variety of taverns, restaurants, snack bars, fast-foods where you can taste one of the local cuisine and more.

The beach in Argassi is one of the most popular of the island. Located near the center of the village and you will not need more than 5 minutes walking to reach. It consists of sand and shallow clear waters. The beach is long and formed along the many small creeks.